Kashka Suu

Kashka Suu… One if the most breathtaking places, I have seen so far. Located just aabout an hour from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, the place can be called as a ski base and summer camp at the same time.

I remember staying there in summer. It was the middle of season, when it felt impossible to even breathe in downtown during the day. Kashka Suu was the place, which could help us cool down and take a deep breathe of the fresh air as much as we wanted.

Nights were just enchating: since we were on top of the mountains, we felt as if closer to the sky and that was when I saw the biggest amount of stars ever in my whole lifetime!

This place is the same enchanting in winter and people still go there, thanks to the perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

Ice Age

Here is another amazing place to have a wonderful time on winter vacations: skating rink just outside Bishkek city. Do not think there are not any inside the city; the thing is, that one is not indoors, but an open air skating rink!

They call it Uncle Tom’s Cabin – the cosiness not far away from the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The place is perfect for the family weekends, picnics with friends and colleagues. What makes Uncle Tom’s cabin so special is that it can be a nice destination all year round – in summer it is a coolness by the river, in winter perfect place for ice skating.

Check the official site below for more information about the “cabin”:

Winter Wonderland



загруженное (1)

Just a couple days ago, we saw the old year off and met the New Year in our country with the whole world! It was full of emotions, new hopes, new wishes and plans for future. Most of the students and workers are enjoying the vacations at the moment, which gives a perfect chance to organize wonderful winter-break.

Unfortunately, this New Year was without snow in our country. However, we still have some wonderful places to go and enjoy snow – the real winter atmosphere. One of the best of them is the national park, called Ala-Archa. Unlike usual parks with attractions in city centers, Ala-Archa is situated on the mountains just an hour away from the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek city. There are no attractions at all to ride on, however the view of nature in the park is to die for!

In winter Ala-Archa turns into a winter wonderland. The fur-trees and peaks covered with perfect whiteness take the breath away immediately. You can do nothing but start running around, play with snow and laugh just like a kid!

Ala-Archa is a perfect escape from the urban chaos. It is a guaranteed peace and harmony with nature. There are some cute cabins for those, who would like to stay for some days as well.

Let us go heli-skiing!

Skiing is fun, extreme and full of adrenaline! How about doubling all that excitement? What if you get the twice more feeling of flying on the peaks of mountains and flying for Real? For all of those, who would not mind such blessing, I introduce one of the best activities ever in winter – heli-skiing!

Just imagine finding yourself on the top of the world! Imagine what it would feel like seeing the Earth covered in whiteness and you just cannot wait to jump and give a big hug to such beauty! This is when you can really jump from the helicopter and go flying down the mountain on ski. This is such an adrenaline, which is impossible to be explained even by human words!

This kind of sport is getting more and more popular in Kyrgyzstan, since there are all chances to make this experience unforgettable. The most famous places to go heli-skiing are now Karakol, karakol ski base and Boom gorge.

Time for skiing in KG!

I have always been on the side of living the best life possible! I am all for to make the best of every moment, specifically every season in our lives. So, since now it is winter, my job is to encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zones and look around! How gorgeous, how gracious the nature is at the moment! Shame on those, who are too lazy to make their eyes happy with such beauty!

For me, definitely, enjoying the view is just the beginning. It is for gathering all positive emotions and energy to go for more fun, which is skiing! It is simply impossible to imagine winter without this amazing activity. In Kyrgyzstan, it is not a problem at all to organize such trip, since the country has the best mountains with more than excellent snow condition in winters!

The first place Kyrgyz people would choose for skiing is Karakol ski base in Issyk Kul province. It is a huge winter entertainment center with not only skiing, but also snowboarding and paragliding facilities. The prices are pretty affordable comparing to some other countries around.

Pearls of Kyrgyzstan

As a traveler or an expeditionary, one will hardly get bored in Kyrgyzstan. The reason is that besides majestic mountains and their virgin peaks, there is so much more to explore. One of the categories we will start today is the lakes of Kyrgyzstan.

There are up to 1923 alpine lakes in the country. However, most of them are not mapped at all for the fact that they are so small. On the other hand, this is the very thing, which makes them like real pearls: it takes special knowledge, time devoted for them and a lot of patience in order to reach those untouched treasures. Take a look at how they look here in the following video:

Broken Heart

We have seen variety of pictures, describing depression, lost of hope and happiness in the shape of a broken heart. Some just say: “Well, these are just pictures, not that hard to imagine and draw another one.” But what if that heart is described by some nice sculpture? The ignorance may be less… How about the nature itself is in the shape of a broken heart!? Would it not just blow our minds?

Incredible, but somewhere in Kyrgyzstan, the nature DOES show its magic and turned into that sad shape. It is a beautiful hill in the province of Issyk Kul, called according to its own shape – Broken Heart… Perfect shape and blood-red clay of the hill really make it look like that. Obviously, there definitely must be the explanation or at least a legend about such wonder! So here is one of them:

They say it is the heart of a beautiful girl… She was taken away from the one she loved so hard by a cruel king, who wanted to make her get married with him. Her love was also in despair and did his best to save her from the evil of this world. Unfortunately, he also was the victim of king’s dirty plans and was killed heartlessly. This is when the girl had nothing to hang on in this world and her heart went into pieces…


Mountains with Meanings

This heart of Asia hides not only the coolest mountains to ski, snowboard or para-glide, but also very interesting hills of mysterious structures. If the one alarms his fantasy and look at them with special view, then the doors of wonderland will open in front of his eyes for a moment!

This is probably what happened when they made the legends about the bllod-red bull-shaped hill in Issyk Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. About seven same sized hills are standing side by side there and here is what they say in myths:

These are the seven bulls, which were meant for the sacrifice, together with a woman. She was the wife of a king and his enemy stole her in order to give him moral shock. He decided to return her to him , only after killing her. Once he stabbed her with knife, the huge amount of blood came out rushing and took the bulls away to where they are standing right now…

Really tragic but something unusual to listen, is it not?


Tian Shan Kyrgyzstan

Here is one of my favorite topics to talk about – Celestial Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The country is surrounded by mountains, which make up above 90% territory of it. Among the mountain systems of Kyrgyzstan, apparently the biggest and the most famous one is Tian Shan, “Celestial Mountains” from Chinese.

This large system of mountain ranges is actually located in whole Central Asia. However, the highest peak in the Tian Shan, Victory Peak 7,439 meters (24,406 ft), is located in Kyrgyzstan. The Tian Shan’s second highest peak, Khan Tengri (Lord of the Spirits)-7,010 metres (23,000 ft), is the natural border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The Torugart Pass, at 3,752 metres (12,310 ft), is another border, which separates the territories of Kyrgyzstan and China’s Xinjiang province.

There are much more peaks, which keep attracting tourists, lovers of winter sports and professional climbers. Even in summer, the mountains are not left alone; their beautiful and calming nature welcome everyone for lovely picnics and hiking activities.


Exploring Kyrgyzstan

People visit our country for different reasons. Some have business to do in Kyrgyzstan, others come to study, not because the education is higher in quality, but probably for low prices… And the most amount of visitors are here to travel; not because it is cheap! It is because the country has a stunningly beautiful nature!

Our country has the places that are untouched, which is so rare in our modern world. Pristine water of rivers and alpine lakes, majestic mountains and their virgin peaks are what attract everyone and make them come all the way from Europe or even farther away.

Number one attractions of Kyrgyzstan are its mountains. They make up 90% of the country. 85% of them are over 1,000 meters and 40% are over 3,000 meters. Apparently, it gives a lot of challenges and opportunities to the lovers of mountain expeditions.

There are so many options and the one may get lost among the huge choice of mountain peaks. So, the most famous ones would be Tian Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. Each of them can make up another huge topics, so I also can’t wait to share them with you soon!