Meet host families!

Our nation is known for hospitality and friendliness. Our elders say that guest is greater than the father, which literally means that guests deserve the most respect and care possible from a host. So, if you are planning to visit us one day, keep that in mind before worrying about which hotel to choose.

Local houses  may not have that much modern comfort but it will be a perfect chance to know more about the country through its citizens.  It may even surprise you that even the nomadic families, who live on the mountains in yurts are happy to share their humble homes with guests! This is how hospitable Kyrgyz people are!



Little party never killed nobody…

Since the blog was started with our national cuisine, I felt like we got into the huge topic and it will not be easy to simply jump into another one. I really wanted to share the whole process of meeting guests and the unique table prepared for them. It really is interesting and worth seeing! I would also suggest you to eat before watching, since it may tickle your appetite a lot! :)



Help yourself, my dear guests!

We, Kyrgyz nation have a unique tradition: whenever the guests come to our homes, we do not let them leave our house without having some meal with us. If they are in  a big hurry, then we make them try at least a bite of bread and salt!

So, why not to invite you to my virtual party, full of our delicacies! If you are meat lover, then Kyrgyz national food is definitely for you! Number one food would be th one, called “Besh barmak”, which means “Five fingers”. The name was given due to the fact that they used to prefer having it with hands, without using fork or spoon. It is a yummy combination of pasta and meat.f20130604084610-kumis

There is a very unusual drink if you are feeling thirsty. It is called Kymyz and is made of horse milk! Do not hurry to be shocked, because a lot of our foreign friends have fallen in love with it already!