Out Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC

Microsoft has announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC (Visual Studio 2013.3) Release Candidate (RC).

Visual Studio 2013 RC Update 3 includes some exciting new features, including:

Supports multiple ways to deploy the application for testing using DCS, PowerShell or Chef;
settings for the test plans and kits;
and adding applications Application Insights Tools to Visual Studio.


Apple quickly counters China claim of iPhone spying

Apple on Saturday denied claims by China’s state-run television that its iPhones track owners’ locations.

The 600-word message was linked from Apple China’s home page.

iOS 7′s Frequent Locations stores all its data on the customer’s iPhone, Apple said Saturday as it responded to spying claims the day before by China’s state-run television.

“Frequent Locations are only stored on a customer’s iOS device, they are not backed up on iTunes or iCloud, and are encrypted,” the English translation of Apple’s response stated. “Apple does not obtain or know a user’s Frequent Locations and this feature can always be turned ‘Off’ via our privacy settings. Apple does not have access to Frequent Locations or the location cache on any user’s iPhone at any time.”



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In information systems , a tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information. This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are generally chosen informally and personally by the item’s creator or by its viewer, depending on the system.

Tagging was popularized by websites associated with Web 2.0. and is an important feature of many Web 2.0 services. It is now also part of some desktop software.

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