Visiting Neighbor

Life without changes is really boring… We need to change our routines, ways, the food we eat, the place we live in and even the country sometimes. Since the variety is what makes life more interesting and beautiful, we will be applying this philosophy in our virtual tours as well from now on. We are changing our destination today not only to another city or a region, but to another country!

Uzbekistan, the neighbor of Kyrgyzstan, is the next place where we would like to focus on. It is really hard to find a person who does not know this country. Why? This video below will give all the reasons why it is so; watch, enjoy and get ready for our future trips in that beautiful country!

Skytrex Adventures

Attention to those who are now or going to come to Bishkek city soon! I know that there seems to be nothing special to do in this city, but hold on! Here is such an amazing offer for the lovers of extreme and active weekends, which will definitely leave you so impressed and excited that this will not be the first time you may want to try!

Bishkek is known as a green city among Central Asian cities and the reason is its beautiful trees. Thanks to the awesome and creative citizens, they found a way to use them for something really amazing – the park of skytrex adventures!

The visitors will climb high and go through variety of challenges between the sky and Earth! This is a perfect chance to check out how strong, patient and brave we can be! This is where the one can feel like a bird and fly from one tree to another!


Combination of Two!

WOW! Now this is something really creative and cool activity to do! This guy combined two awesom sports together and had a blast as a result! He made the best of his skiing vacation adding the details of paragliding to it, so he is skiing and flying at the same time!

Especially these days, when winter absolutely forgot that its time is up, the idea of ski-flying sounds really intriguing and reasonable! How do You guys think? Check the video out and share your precious opinions here with us!


I know some of you guys just cannot wait to experience an amazing activity of Paragliding, so I will not make you wait so much and jump in to the main topic, that is where to go in Kyrgyzstan for paragliding?

There are two perfect destinations in the country and their location is also perfectly spread to the North and South of the country. The one in North is famous Tian Shan and another in South is Pamir Alay, the motherland of a great individual – Kurmanjan Datka. So, you can make the closest and the most comfortable choice for you according to your location.

However, what I definitely need to make you aware of is that Tian Shan is visited more often, more specifically the valley of Suusamyr (which is not unfamiliar to you). It may also mean that the constructors must have much more experience in this field according to the great number of flights they have aleady accomplished.

Paragliding is soon!

Here came one of the greatest seasons of the year – spring! It is the period of nature’s awakening; this is when every single one of us feel the great relief after the long and cold days of winter. There is no person, who would not thank Lord for such a chance to witness this period again breathing the fresh air all around.

Even the nature lets us know how beautiful it is to be born again and start growing. Fragrance of flowers and fresh grasses are all around and the warm rains bring coolness to our souls and wash any kind of despair and sadness away from them. And the sun does not get tired of sharing its smile as much as possible!

When else could it be more perfect to go and observe the world than this period?! Especially looking at the Earth from high above, for instance, while paragliding! You got me, the time is coming to do, very soon!

Skiing in Kazakhstan

Kyrgyzstan is cool with a whole bunch of offers for winter activities and wonderfully suitable destinations for them. However, it is not right to say that it is the only place in Central Asia to visit in winter.

This time I would like to invite you guys to take a virtual tour out of Kyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan, in my opinion, would be one of the best options, since I have personally been there and was left with a lot of impression by one of its great ski bases.

They called it “Shymbulak”, cool ski resort, which is said to be working even in the month of May! So, let us check out the beauty of Kazakh mountains¬†together!

Heli-skiing in Celestials

It is different to look at the beautiful houses during househuntings and actually living in them. The one can enjoy and rate the look of it, however, only the one, who lives in that house knows the best and most about it. So it is with just taking a look at the mountains from the ground and climbing them.

For instance, a lot of people share their excitements about seeing the Celestial mountains on the plane to Bishkek or Osh. However, it would sound a lot more exciting and breathtaking if they actually took a stop at the peaks and enjoyed spending a quality time, for example by skiing or snowboarding!

One of the best places to go for those sports is Suusamyr  valley of Tian Shan mountains range. With the height of more than 4000 meters, they remain virgin and only a few people dare to make it a destination!


Winter is finally coming to an end and the beautiful sunny days of spring are really close. What should we do? Of course, get ready to enjoy those days with fun activities! Activity number one is paragliding!

This is one of the most incredibly exciting and extreme activities, which is in fact not easy to decide and go for. However, if your dream to fly like a bird is truly strong, then you can somehow find braveness, just like the heroes of the movie “Intouchables”. If you remember that moment, you know how much of a smile it brings to the audience!

Modern Sleighs

I think there is every single reason to call myself as one of the happiest people in the world. The thing is, I lived a REAL childhood! Not in front of the computer or other digital gadjets playing video games, but having fun out on the playground: running around, walking on the sands and sleigh riding in winter!

However, even in our days, I still see some hope that there are pretty great opportunities to make life interesting. The develpoment of technology made it possible not only for kids, but also for the grown-ups to be able to enjoy the same activities, which previously belonged only to the children.

For example, there appeared snowmobiles, which can replace slays from childhood! Those pretty huge machines will not make the elders look silly going for kids’ activity!

Another ski resort…

I hope you guys do not mind another blog about ski bases, since we stil have a chance to enjoy winter sports. So, today’s theme will be Orlovka ski resort!

This ski base is also located in the territory of Chuy region, very close to Bishkek city. Just drive about ninety km from the capital and there you are – in one of the greatest ski resorts of the country!

Orlovka is one of those destinations, where the visitors, starting from the skiing fans up to the professional skiers can have as much fun as they wish! No matter who they come with, whether it is their friends, colleagues, family members or neighbors, Orlovka can be the perfect option to spend winter days with so much joy!

There are all services necessary for having a quality time, including rentals, ski lifts, hotels and of course cafes, where you can try not only local, but also international dishes, available.