RIP, Tamerlan…

Here it is, the final destination of the great conqueror, Amir Temur…

It is said that he wanted the most modest way possible to see him off to Hereafter. However, how could that ever be possible  to do for the people around him, who know him as the greatest human of his time.

Thus was built the mausoleum “Gur-i Amir”, translated as the Tomb of Amir/Tamerlan. Located in the city of Samarkand, mausoleum is now keeping not only Amir Temur, but also other Temurids, including his sons and grandsons…

More of Samarkand

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Today we will continue our tour to Samarkand, since there is so much more to exlpore. If you wonder what a building it is in the picture above, then keep on reading :)”

They that mosque “Bibi Khanum”, after the great woman in the history of Uzbeks. She was the lovely wife of the world’s conqueror, Tamerlan. What gets us wondered is the fact that he brought the best architects and building materials all the way from India for this beautiful mausoleum for her. You see how special she was for him?!

Samarkand City Center

We will start exploring the city of Samarkand today and the first place we must visit is the downtown. Just like the Times Square of New York, downtown Samarkand is also famous for its Registan – the legendary place everyone must visit!

Tranlated as “Sandy Place”, Registan is the complex of three masterpieces of architecture, which were built by its famous and legendary rulers: Amir Temur, Mirzo Ulugbek and Yalangtush Bakhadir. At the first glance, those three buildings seem to be very similar to each other. But as you learn each of its history and construction, you will find pretty much special sides.

So, let us turn to the first of them, that is Sher Dor. This is the one, constructed by the world’s conqueror, Tamerlan. Although it has the typical shape of madrasahs nearby, the decor is unique: there are the pictures of animals, mainly lions, because of which it was given the name “Sher Dor”.


I think there is so few in the world, who has never heard about Tamerlan or Amir Temur, the great leader. he stood out with his exceptional skills, wisdom and bravery. This perhaps made him once the owner of half of the world!

However, everyone and everything has an end in this world, so did the life that incredible leader. Here is a question: do you know where he spent most of his life and where he ended up? The city of Samarkand answers all those questions.

Samarkand is one of the largest and most famous cities of Uzbekistan. As the center of many kingdoms and empires in hisotry, the city is unique with its incredibly beautiful architectural heritage, which includes the tomb-memorial of Tamerlan as well…

Capital in Pictures

To the attention of you, my dear friends, today I prepared this beautiful presentation on Tashkent city. Although I devoted two of my latest posts on this city alone, it still feels like necessary to have more visual details.

Below in the presentation you will get to know some of the most famous sights to visit in Tashkent. Besides, the pictures of the city’s metro are also included. By the way, why metro? Anything new with that way of transport, which has been exisiting for so many years in the world already? The thing is, metro stations in Tashkent are just like the separate galleries, filled with art!

So, check this out and leave your comments below :)

Tashkent City

If you wish to see the place, where people welcome you as their own dear guest, where you can witness both: rapid development of the city and the historical treasures preserved incredibly at the same time, then Tashkent city must be in the list!

As the mirror of the whole country, Tashkent offers variety of opportunities for the visitors to spend the best holidays possible, including best national and world cuisines, fun parks and entertainment centers for our little friends – children, cultural centers, including movie theaters, beautiful concert halls and much more.

For the convenience of city’s guests, there are offered amazing hotels with such pleasant service, which will make everyone feel like home. This is where you will be able to see the hospitability of Uzbek nation more.

Uzbekistan 2015

I really believe that the music video from last time did intrigue you guys about Uzbekistan. It must have made you want to explore this country deeper now, which is just great! Today I would like to invite you guys to more tours to Uzbekistan.

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Tour will start from the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent city and they move on to hit four greatest destinations, which every person must see in his or her life. Curious to know which exactly those places are? Then do not waste any time and click the link above!


Hello friends! I really hope you all are having a wonderful day! Today is the time to start our adventures around beautiful Uzbekistan, right? The first place we want to check out is supposed to be the capital of this country, obviously…

However, instead of providing the long list of information about the population, territory and all other statistics, I found this music video really very nice. It pretty much does not even belong to introduction videos, it is about the most precious thing we all have in life – the time! This music band is from Tashkent, so you will be able to have a general idea about how the city looks and take a glimpse of its folklore!

Visiting Neighbor

Life without changes is really boring… We need to change our routines, ways, the food we eat, the place we live in and even the country sometimes. Since the variety is what makes life more interesting and beautiful, we will be applying this philosophy in our virtual tours as well from now on. We are changing our destination today not only to another city or a region, but to another country!

Uzbekistan, the neighbor of Kyrgyzstan, is the next place where we would like to focus on. It is really hard to find a person who does not know this country. Why? This video below will give all the reasons why it is so; watch, enjoy and get ready for our future trips in that beautiful country!

Skytrex Adventures

Attention to those who are now or going to come to Bishkek city soon! I know that there seems to be nothing special to do in this city, but hold on! Here is such an amazing offer for the lovers of extreme and active weekends, which will definitely leave you so impressed and excited that this will not be the first time you may want to try!

Bishkek is known as a green city among Central Asian cities and the reason is its beautiful trees. Thanks to the awesome and creative citizens, they found a way to use them for something really amazing – the park of skytrex adventures!

The visitors will climb high and go through variety of challenges between the sky and Earth! This is a perfect chance to check out how strong, patient and brave we can be! This is where the one can feel like a bird and fly from one tree to another!