Broken Heart

We have seen variety of pictures, describing depression, lost of hope and happiness in the shape of a broken heart. Some just say: “Well, these are just pictures, not that hard to imagine and draw another one.” But what if that heart is described by some nice sculpture? The ignorance may be less… How about the nature itself is in the shape of a broken heart!? Would it not just blow our minds?

Incredible, but somewhere in Kyrgyzstan, the nature DOES show its magic and turned into that sad shape. It is a beautiful hill in the province of Issyk Kul, called according to its own shape – Broken Heart… Perfect shape and blood-red clay of the hill really make it look like that. Obviously, there definitely must be the explanation or at least a legend about such wonder! So here is one of them:

They say it is the heart of a beautiful girl… She was taken away from the one she loved so hard by a cruel king, who wanted to make her get married with him. Her love was also in despair and did his best to save her from the evil of this world. Unfortunately, he also was the victim of king’s dirty plans and was killed heartlessly. This is when the girl had nothing to hang on in this world and her heart went into pieces…

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