Exploring Kyrgyzstan

People visit our country for different reasons. Some have business to do in Kyrgyzstan, others come to study, not because the education is higher in quality, but probably for low prices… And the most amount of visitors are here to travel; not because it is cheap! It is because the country has a stunningly beautiful nature!

Our country has the places that are untouched, which is so rare in our modern world. Pristine water of rivers and alpine lakes, majestic mountains and their virgin peaks are what attract everyone and make them come all the way from Europe or even farther away.

Number one attractions of Kyrgyzstan are its mountains. They make up 90% of the country. 85% of them are over 1,000 meters and 40% are over 3,000 meters. Apparently, it gives a lot of challenges and opportunities to the lovers of mountain expeditions.

There are so many options and the one may get lost among the huge choice of mountain peaks. So, the most famous ones would be Tian Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. Each of them can make up another huge topics, so I also can’t wait to share them with you soon!

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