Heli-skiing in Celestials

It is different to look at the beautiful houses during househuntings and actually living in them. The one can enjoy and rate the look of it, however, only the one, who lives in that house knows the best and most about it. So it is with just taking a look at the mountains from the ground and climbing them.

For instance, a lot of people share their excitements about seeing the Celestial mountains on the plane to Bishkek or Osh. However, it would sound a lot more exciting and breathtaking if they actually took a stop at the peaks and enjoyed spending a quality time, for example by skiing or snowboarding!

One of the best places to go for those sports is Suusamyr  valley of Tian Shan mountains range. With the height of more than 4000 meters, they remain virgin and only a few people dare to make it a destination!

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