Let us go heli-skiing!

Skiing is fun, extreme and full of adrenaline! How about doubling all that excitement? What if you get the twice more feeling of flying on the peaks of mountains and flying for Real? For all of those, who would not mind such blessing, I introduce one of the best activities ever in winter – heli-skiing!

Just imagine finding yourself on the top of the world! Imagine what it would feel like seeing the Earth covered in whiteness and you just cannot wait to jump and give a big hug to such beauty! This is when you can really jump from the helicopter and go flying down the mountain on ski. This is such an adrenaline, which is impossible to be explained even by human words!

This kind of sport is getting more and more popular in Kyrgyzstan, since there are all chances to make this experience unforgettable. The most famous places to go heli-skiing are now Karakol, karakol ski base and Boom gorge.

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