Mountains with Meanings

This heart of Asia hides not only the coolest mountains to ski, snowboard or para-glide, but also very interesting hills of mysterious structures. If the one alarms his fantasy and look at them with special view, then the doors of wonderland will open in front of his eyes for a moment!

This is probably what happened when they made the legends about the bllod-red bull-shaped hill in Issyk Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. About seven same sized hills are standing side by side there and here is what they say in myths:

These are the seven bulls, which were meant for the sacrifice, together with a woman. She was the wife of a king and his enemy stole her in order to give him moral shock. He decided to return her to him , only after killing her. Once he stabbed her with knife, the huge amount of blood came out rushing and took the bulls away to where they are standing right now…

Really tragic but something unusual to listen, is it not?

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