Paragliding is soon!

Here came one of the greatest seasons of the year – spring! It is the period of nature’s awakening; this is when every single one of us feel the great relief after the long and cold days of winter. There is no person, who would not thank Lord for such a chance to witness this period again breathing the fresh air all around.

Even the nature lets us know how beautiful it is to be born again and start growing. Fragrance of flowers and fresh grasses are all around and the warm rains bring coolness to our souls and wash any kind of despair and sadness away from them. And the sun does not get tired of sharing its smile as much as possible!

When else could it be more perfect to go and observe the world than this period?! Especially looking at the Earth from high above, for instance, while paragliding! You got me, the time is coming to do, very soon!

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