Samarkand City Center

We will start exploring the city of Samarkand today and the first place we must visit is the downtown. Just like the Times Square of New York, downtown Samarkand is also famous for its Registan – the legendary place everyone must visit!

Tranlated as “Sandy Place”, Registan is the complex of three masterpieces of architecture, which were built by its famous and legendary rulers: Amir Temur, Mirzo Ulugbek and Yalangtush Bakhadir. At the first glance, those three buildings seem to be very similar to each other. But as you learn each of its history and construction, you will find pretty much special sides.

So, let us turn to the first of them, that is Sher Dor. This is the one, constructed by the world’s conqueror, Tamerlan. Although it has the typical shape of madrasahs nearby, the decor is unique: there are the pictures of animals, mainly lions, because of which it was given the name “Sher Dor”.

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