Tian Shan Kyrgyzstan

Here is one of my favorite topics to talk about – Celestial Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The country is surrounded by mountains, which make up above 90% territory of it. Among the mountain systems of Kyrgyzstan, apparently the biggest and the most famous one is Tian Shan, “Celestial Mountains” from Chinese.

This large system of mountain ranges is actually located in whole Central Asia. However, the highest peak in the Tian Shan, Victory Peak 7,439 meters (24,406 ft), is located in Kyrgyzstan. The Tian Shan’s second highest peak, Khan Tengri (Lord of the Spirits)-7,010 metres (23,000 ft), is the natural border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The Torugart Pass, at 3,752 metres (12,310 ft), is another border, which separates the territories of Kyrgyzstan and China’s Xinjiang province.

There are much more peaks, which keep attracting tourists, lovers of winter sports and professional climbers. Even in summer, the mountains are not left alone; their beautiful and calming nature welcome everyone for lovely picnics and hiking activities.

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